CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Garrett Wollman
Sun Aug 3 20:57:12 EDT 2008

<<On Sun, 03 Aug 2008 20:43:26 -0400, SteveOrdinetz <> said:

> As far as stations doing split-simulcasts, I think WOKQ/WPKQ does an 
> excellent job with this.  I can't hear 97.5 where I live, so I can't 
> be certain which breaks are split, but the program elements that ARE 
> split (legal ID, north country weather and some spots) are absolutely seamless.

I've seen them do it.  There is a separate automation system that does
nothing but run the Conway spot load.  If I understand things
correctly, the Conway spots are started by a "contact" closure from
the main automation system, and spots on both stations are very
carefully timed to ensure that both breaks end exactly on time.  (This
apparently annoys some agencies when they send in a 60.2-second spot
and are told it's too long.)

It's particularly impressive when they do the legal ID, which is only
partially split (the front is split but the back is common).

Scott and/or Blaine can now trot out the story of how WOWO in Fort
Wayne did this on the cheap with a stereo cart deck.  (They weren't
trying to do separate spots, but they did have a separate legal.)


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