CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Sun Aug 3 11:59:54 EDT 2008

Two of the three stations that simulcast WDRC (AM) are not
graveyarders. IIRC, the three are WSNG 610 Torrington, WMMW 1470
Meriden, and WWCO 1240 Waterbury. Of these, only WWCO is a
graveyarder. AFAIK, both WSNG and WMMW provide the only "local"
service to their CoLs. Also, IIRC, Buckley sells local avails on all
three of the simulcast stations, covering on the simulcasts at least
some of the spots that air on WDRC. I don't know how commonplace this
practice is nationwide, but I do know that it isn't unique to Buckley.
When done well, listeners can't tell that the whole program isn't
local. In theory, automation should be able to handle the break-aways
and rejoins, but I think that in most of the places where is done
flawlessly, the talent is involved with making it work well.

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> I'm not sure how much Buckley could acquire, if they wanted to.
> They  own 3 AM's around the state along with WDRC AM&FM.  With
> Hartford  being an underradioed market, they probably would have to
> sell off  the out of town AMs (mostly graveyarders) to buy even two
> of the FM's  for sale.  That won't be easy.  Historically, Buckley
> doesn't buy and  sell a lot of properties so I don't know if they
> would even have an  interest in beefing up their portfolio there.

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