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WBSM and WXBR are both full-timers: 5 kW-D/1 kW-N. WMSX is a Class D
but is licensed for 1 kW-D/156W-N, so doesn't that leave only WDIS,
which has to sign off at Wheeling WV sunset, and WVBF? WVBF wouldn't
seem to qualify because it a) now runs 2.2 kW during noncritical
daytime hours (939W CH) and b) is licensed for a whole 2W at night. I
have to wonder whether they use it, though, given that 2W on 1530
wouldn't do much even if WCKY didn't send a pretty big signal this
way. There's also WCMX, which is a 1-kW daytimer, but by no stretch of
the imagination can be called in southeastern Mass.

There are a few more daytimers such as WNTN and WNSH, but they run
much higher daytime power and neither is in southeastern Mass.
Moreover, WNSH stays on at night with 85W--primarily, I gather, for
the benefit of the fish population of Mass Bay, who probably get quite
a respectable signal on their (hopefully waterproof) radios--powered
by electric eels, maybe? WSRO is only 250W but it is on at night with
9W. It also isn't in SE Mass and is, I believe, solidly profitable
with its leased-time Portuguese format, which means it would be
unlikely to resort to the arrangement that was advertised.

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> I'm usually pretty good about remembering to not excessively quote
> anyone or
> anything. .but sometimes, in a rush, I forget.
> Yes, WDIS 1170 is still on the air as far as I know.  I know anyone
> can
> create an AOL email address, but I know WDIS' owner has one which is
> what he
> uses for his CDBS Applications with the FCC and I just have a
> feeling it's
> WDIS for a few reasons.
> Neither WMSX 1410 or WBSM 1420 sign off as far as I know. Isn't 1410
> spanish? 1460 is the talk station in Brockton. Secondly, WBSM is
> owned by
> Citadel and WXBR 1460 is owned by Business Talk Radio, I highly
> doubt a
> corporation would post an ad like that.. it sounds really like it
> was
> written by an independtly owned station.

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