WZBC-FM 90.3 On Vacay?

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Fri Aug 1 17:10:07 EDT 2008

Readers of Dan Strassberg' post regarding his new CC radio may have noticed that
he mentioned that Boston Collge's FM station, WZBC 90.3 was off-the-air while he played
with his new toy.  I too have had occasion to notice WZBC's spotty on-the-air presence.
Of course it's near-midsummer, and only summer school students and administrators are
present on the campus, but U-Mass-Lowell's WUML-91.5 and MIT's WMBR 88.1
appear to be broadcasting 24/7.  Could it be that WZBC can't get enough volunteers to
operate the station at least 6:00 am till midnight?  The thread called "What's radio
good for" included observations that the young 'uns don't pay as much attention to radio
as in those thrilling days of yesteryear. WZBC seems to exist primarily to broadcast
BC sports PBP (although most of these games are also on commercial outlets that may be
paying BIG BUXX for the rights) and the kind of um, "musical" programming that appeals 
to today's students.  But even the latter may be so involved in getting their favorite
recorded material from anything BUT radio, that WZBC and others like it may not be serving
that purpose.  PBS's "Frontline" from earlier this week (it may be available from WGBH-TV on-demand 
if you have a Comcast digital box) displayed how utes in suburban New Jersey relate to the
media, and there was only one instance of a radio being played VERY LOUDLY in a motor 
vehicle. Otherwise, as the constantly recurring refrain goes, it was all internet and MP3
players.  Just sayin'.

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