Early Red Sox and Braves TV history

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But wasn't he on Channel 7 for a time in the early 50s? It's before my time (I watched Major Mudd in the early 70s) so I can't say for sure!
Another thing this thread has brought up for me - whenever I read about the early days of WNAC and WBZ it seems that WBZ had more viewers and better programming but WNAC was always more highly valued as a station. That is if both station were on the market WNAC would have fetched the higher sales price. True? Not true?

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Clubhouse 4 was hosted by Big Brother Bob Emery and his sidekick was a
puppet named Flash.

On 8/1/08, Don A <donald_astelle@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I dimly recall an
>> older gentleman who did a kids show on WNAC in the afternoon but I
>> recall little.
> Not WNAC...but I recall something called "Clubhouse 4".
> 4PM weekdays on Channel 4.  Must have been 1960-65.
> Anyone else remember that?


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