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Jim Murphy
Thu Apr 17 12:35:47 EDT 2008

Dan -

Your post about Jack Lazare and "Music 'Til Dawn" sparked a Google search,
and I found an obituary on the Boston Herald website for Jack from 2 years
ago, attached below.  Perhaps this will help with the dates and call
letters, as least as far as Jack's participation, on MTD.

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Mr. Lazare, with his deep, melodious voice, was a host of popular local
radio shows on WEEI and WHDH starting in the 1960s. He died Feb. 25 at
Connecticut Hospice in Branford, Conn. He was 83. His wife declined to give
the cause of death.

Although he had a full career in radio, Mr. Lazare also loved traveling,
cooking, and writing -- even penning a mystery novel called ''The Restless"
in 1995.

Mr. Lazare was born and raised in New York City. He attended the University
of California at Berkeley, and was a member of a small band in which he
played the piano. In 1942, Mr. Lazare joined the Navy and served for three
years as a pilot during World War II.

One of Mr. Lazare's first jobs in radio was in New York in 1946 with WQXR.

Three years later, he began working for the Voice of America, supervising 17
Southeast Asia language desks and serving as executive producer of
programming until 1956.

In the 1950s, Mr. Lazare hosted his own radio show, ''Milkman's Matinee," on
WNEW in New York, which aired from midnight to 5 a.m. Studio guests included
Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and Frank Sinatra. Rather than talk for most
of his shows, Mr. Lazare would ask questions on a range of topics to explore
what his guests and callers thought, his wife said.

''He always showed a lot of warmth toward his guests and to his callers,"
his wife said.

In 1961, Mr. Lazare became programming director for WNHC in New Haven. Two
years later, he came to Boston and worked as a program director for WCOP,
hosting his own daily record show from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For three years starting in 1966, Mr. Lazare worked for WEEI and hosted the
radio station's American Airlines ''Music 'til Dawn." He later worked for
WHDH radio from 1968 until 1978 and hosted the show ''Sounds in the Night."

''He loved radio because it could appeal to the mind," his wife said.

Mr. Lazare was also an actor and appeared in films including ''The Defection
of Simas Kudirka" and ''See How She Runs." He was the New England
representative and a past president for the New England region of the Screen
Actors Guild.

In 1985, Mr. Lazare moved to Essex, Conn., after purchasing radio station
WMMW in Meriden, Conn., which he sold a couple of years later, his wife

Mr. Lazare especially enjoyed traveling, visiting Europe every year with his

In addition to his wife, he leaves a daughter, Lynn Lazare Finnell of
Carmel, Calif.; and a grandson and a granddaughter...."

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