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Thu Apr 17 08:00:36 EDT 2008

Maybe I am misremembering, but I recall being resoundingly voted down
on this list maybe six months ago in a thread on whether American
Airlines' Music 'Til Dawn was ever heard on WBZ or whether the only
Boston station that ever aired the program was the old WEEI 590. I
remember stating that, at one point, American moved Music 'Til Dawn
from WEEI's 5 kW Class IIIA regional signal to WBZ's 50 kW Class IA
clear channel signal. I may have had the approximate year of the move
wildly wrong (seems to me I said I thought it happened while I was in
college in Troy NY, which would have made it sometime in the '52 to
'56 time frame), but ISTR a couple of dozen people, including some
this list's most respected contributors, saying that no such move EVER
happened--EVER--and presenting some pretty strong arguments to prove
their case. IIRC, only one person agreed with me, saying he _thought_
he recalled a move from WEEI to WBZ.

Well, in the wee small hours of this morning, I was listening to Steve
LeVeille, who received a call from Kenny Meyer, erstwhile producer of
Larry Glick's show and others on WBZ and a New England radio historian
in his own right. Meyer reminisced about producing the program that
preceded Music 'Til Dawn on WBZ on Sunday nights and he recalled
kibbitizing with MTD host Jack Lazarre before Lazarre would go on the
air. He said this took place sometime during the '70s--a far cry from
my apparently erroneous recollection of hearing MTD on WBZ in the
'50s--but he WAS talking about Lazarre doing MTD on WBZ. Now, maybe
Meyer also worked at the old WEEI at some point, in which case HE
could have been confused about the station where he kibbitzed with
Lazarre. Now, I don't recall Meyer's working at WEEI, but that hardly
guarantees that he never did. However, if he never did, it seems
almost certain that MTD was indeed on WBZ.

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