Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 12, Issue 182

Howard Glazer
Mon Apr 14 12:20:34 EDT 2008

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> At 08:12 AM 4/13/2008, you wrote:
> >After a two hour rain delay, Jonathan Papelbon comes on to shut down
> >the Yankees. There are two outs in
> >the top of the ninth, Sox up by one--and suddenly the picture on Fox
> >switches to NASCAR auto racing.
> >
> >The announcer informs viewers after a minute or two that the end of
> >the Red Sox-Yankees game is
> >on "our sister network, FX". Viewers fumble for their remotes
> >(apparently Fox didn't consider a
> >split screen?) and try to figure out where the heck FX is.
> Why didn't FOX simply use a split screen format, and broadcast both
> events at the same time?

Fear of being in violation of the contract with NASCAR? We know that Fox had
an obligation to carry the race from its start on the over-the-air network;
perhaps language about split screens was written in.

BTW, I heard a caller on Fox Sports Radio (via XM) yesterday who was upset
for a different reason. He identified himself as a NASCAR fan and a
patriotic American who had missed hearing the anthem and seeing the fighter
jets zooming over the track -- which Fox usually covers in loving detail at
every NASCAR race. He was outraged that Fox would pre-empt this important
part of the NASCAR experience for baseball!


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