NASCAR trumps end of Sox-Yanks

Dan Billings
Sat Apr 12 21:44:35 EDT 2008

I was surprised that Fox went back to the game at all.  As soon as they did, 
I thought something like this might happen.  They should have just put it on 

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After a two hour rain delay, Jonathan Papelbon comes on to shut down the 
Yankees. There are two outs in
the top of the ninth, Sox up by one--and suddenly the picture on Fox 
switches to NASCAR auto racing.

The announcer informs viewers after a minute or two that the end of the Red 
Sox-Yankees game is
on "our sister network, FX". Viewers fumble for their remotes (apparently 
Fox didn't consider a
split screen?) and try to figure out where the heck FX is. Those without 
cable realize they
are missing the end of an exciting game and where the heck is that radio 
(assuming they live
within range of a Red Sox or Yankees radio network station)

Forget that football game--we now proudly present "Heidi":

("But millions of American football fans were unable to see Oakland's 

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