WLIB/WOWO-1190 (was: KGA night app)

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Mon Apr 7 14:50:32 EDT 2008

I believe that 1190 in Annapolis is dark and that the CP to move it to
the WWLG 1360 six-tower night site (geographically, the former WCBM
680 four-tower site, slightly northWEST of Baltimore) has been turned
in. The owners of the Annapolis station also own WAGE 1200 in Leesburg
VA, which they want to upgrade to 50 kW-D (and I'm not sure what, if
anything, at night). I believe that the 1190 station, with its
Baltimore coverage, is being sacrificed to enable the upgrade of WAGE,
which, with the higher daytime power, will become a DC rimshot (by
day, anyhow).

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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> Dan S. said -
> WLIB's NIF is in the neighborhood of 15 mV/m and AFAIK, WOWO is the
> sole contributor.
> Just from recent listening (admittedly from MA, not NY) I'm thinking
> that the IBOC (a.k.a. HD) upper sideband from Rochester's WHAM-1180
> is doing a lot more damage to WLIB at night than "defanged" WOWO
> possibly can.
> Not sure how the 1190 Annapolis station factors in or, for that
> matter, IBOC from 1200 kHz stations (and WPHT-1210 ?).
> There's also an off-channel Colombian on 1190.33 (give or take) that
> can produce a low rumble, but that's only likely an issue well out
> onto Long Island in south side beach communities.
> Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

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