WLIB/WOWO-1190 (was: KGA night app)

markwa1ion@aol.com markwa1ion@aol.com
Mon Apr 7 14:11:05 EDT 2008

Dan S. said -
WLIB's NIF is in the neighborhood of 15 mV/m and AFAIK, WOWO is the 
sole contributor.

Just from recent listening (admittedly from MA, not NY) I'm thinking 
that the IBOC (a.k.a. HD) upper sideband from Rochester's WHAM-1180 is 
doing a lot more damage to WLIB at night than "defanged" WOWO possibly 

Not sure how the 1190 Annapolis station factors in or, for that matter, 
IBOC from 1200 kHz stations (and WPHT-1210 ?).

There's also an off-channel Colombian on 1190.33 (give or take) that 
can produce a low rumble, but that's only likely an issue well out onto 
Long Island in south side beach communities.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

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