AC Hum problem

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Apr 7 00:38:14 EDT 2008

Thanks to everyone who answered by AC Hum question, on and off the 
list.  I can't think of any changes to the system since I last used 
this patch cord.  I've tried reversing a few plugs, the few that 
aren't polarized, and that didn't help.  I'm going to try the 
suggestion of running an extension and operating the stereo from the 
same circuit as the computer.

The plugs on the patch cord are old-style large-size stereo earphone 
plugs and jacks, so that the cord plugs into the earphone jack on my 
stereo.  There's a patch cord connected to my sound card that has a 
smaller plug on one end to connect to the sound card and a larger 
plug on the other end to plug into the jack at the end of the patch 
cord -- which is actually two patch cords connected together, because 
that's what I need to cover the distance.  I've tried wiggling all 
the connections.  No dice.  Part of the problem is that I can't quite 
hear the hum from the computer speakers when I'm in the livingroom.

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