AC Hum problem

Roger Kirk
Sun Apr 6 01:51:37 EDT 2008

Try running an extension cord from the outlets (into which computer is 
plugged) to your stereo and run the stereo on that.  It could eliminate 
a ground loop because all the equipment is plugged into the same circuit.

A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> Maybe some techies out there can help me with this.
> I got a new car radio awhile back, which has a CD player, rather than 
> a tape player.  So I decided to record some of my tapes into my 
> computer and put them onto CDs.  I got a long patch cord that runs 
> from my stereo in the livingroom into my computer in the study, and 
> it worked fine last time I used it.
> This time, as soon as I connected the patch cord, there was a loud AC 
> hum from the computer.  I haven't been able to get rid of it.  It's 
> there as long as the stereo is connected to the computer sound card.  
> Even if the stereo is turned off.
> Anyone have any ideas what's going on and what I can do about it?

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