KGA night app

Scott Fybush
Sun Apr 6 21:41:20 EDT 2008

Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Sun, 6 Apr 2008 21:15:01 -0400, "Robert F. Sutherland" <> said:
>> Does anyone have hunches, clue, or inside info
>> on why they would do this?
> It's all spelled out in the first technical exhibit to their
> application, which you can find in CDBS.

But for the benefit of those of you not up for playing Cryptic Moderator 
Theatre tonight... :-)

Citadel sold KGA to Mapleton last year. Mapleton owns KPIG 1510 in 
Piedmont (Oakland/San Francisco), and KPIG can substantially increase 
power if KGA no longer receives the protection of a class A signal.

KGA is in the process of being more or less dismantled; its news and 
talk programming is being swapped with diplexed KJRB 790, leaving KGA as 
the market's #2 sports station.

Even under Citadel, KGA was a pale shell of its former self. There are 
two other news-talkers in the market with arguably better signals - CC's 
KQNT 590 (5 kW ND-U) and Morgan Murphy's KXLY 920 (20 kW D/5 kW N ND-U) 
- so Spokane will continue to have lots of local service for a market 
its size.


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