KGA night app

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Sun Apr 6 21:20:00 EDT 2008

Modifying the KGA license and downgrading it allows them the upgrading of
the KPIG-AM license. That uigrade will add TONS of new people into the night
time service of KPIG-AM

With KPIG-AM having been for sale for years, the more people they can add
into the night service, the better. .as a stations sale price is somewhat
dependent on the population it serves.

In reality, Mapleton is looking at it like this.. Downgrading KGA won't cost
us a helluva lot to actually get it done and we won't lose much revenue or
listeners at all. It will cost a bit to have KPIG-AM upgraded, but it'll
make KPIG-AM more valueable.. and that value will be WAY more then they
l;ost by downgrading KGA or the moeny they spent upgrading KPIG-AM.

Paul Walker

On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 9:15 PM, Robert F. Sutherland <>

> I loaded the FCC application data, night 15kw, 4 towers, parameters, etc,
> and ran a plot / calculation.
> They are proposing severely cutting their coverage!
> Yes, Spokane would still be well covered,  but I doubt western WA
> or previously covered parts of BC would still recieve a usable signal at
> night.
> And virtually all signal to the east will be gone.
> Does anyone have hunches, clue, or inside info
> on why they would do this?
> Is it a sign of the times, re IBOS & skywave becoming considered useless?
> Or is it a case similar to when WLIB bought WOWO, and
> grossly cut WOWO's night pattern so that WLIB could increase
> its own pattern?
> Whatever, it's sad when a legacy AM station proposes
> Bo

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