The Bright Lights Of Downtown Lawrence

Sun Apr 6 20:32:07 EDT 2008

And since Mr Glavin is from Methuen, which, I believe, abuts Lawrence,
you are making me want to sing at least one rousing chorus of the late
Jess Cain's immortal composition, "Fly Me to Methuen." Jess probably
wrote a song parody about Lawrence itself at some point, but if he
did, it never reached the heights of popularity of Fly Me to Methuen.
Even his "Nantasket, Nantasket, the Insular Peninsula Down there in
Hull" never achieved the status of Fly Me to Methuen.

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> Laurence Glavin wrote:
>> Now, I must say there's are very few more depressing sights than
>> Downtown Lawrence at close to midnight... no people around, nearly
>> every buiilding dark
>> ...
> Obviously, you never ventured a couple of blocks north onto Rte
> 110/Jackson Street - home of Punto Final - one of the hoppingest
> Hip-Hop clubs around.  DJ Gera & Geramatic entertain frequently.
>> Which raises the question:
>> considering the lack of amenities on Essex Street in Lawrence on
>> weekends, where
>> do they go to eat during lunch breaks...Lawton's?
> Actually, that's "Lawton's By The Sea."  There's Mounir's & Therese
> Kitchen - Lebanese Cuisine - just over the bridge in South Lawrence.
> Kibbee, Shawarma, Kafta, Steak/Lamb Tips & Steak & Cheese Subs.  To
> keep this post in the realm of Airwaves north of Boston, they are
> Radio Engineering-friendly, open weekends (Fri & Sat) until 3 a.m.
> There's also Jim's Subs and, of course, the venerable (read: been
> there for decades) Cedar Crest near the Lawrence-Methuen border.
> Good, old-fashioned home cooking.
> High Tech (and by extension or inclusion, Radio) occasionally
> hankers for Asian cuisine and the Yokohama (with Teppenyaki) fills
> the bill quite nicely - again, just over the river in South
> Lawrence.

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