The Bright Lights Of Downtown Lawrence

Roger Kirk
Sun Apr 6 20:18:05 EDT 2008

Laurence Glavin wrote:
> Now, I must say there's are very few more depressing sights than Downtown Lawrence at close to midnight... no people around, nearly every buiilding dark
> ...
Obviously, you never ventured a couple of blocks north onto Rte 
110/Jackson Street - home of Punto Final - one of the hoppingest Hip-Hop 
clubs around.  DJ Gera & Geramatic entertain frequently.

> Which raises the question:
> considering the lack of amenities on Essex Street in Lawrence on weekends, where
> do they go to eat during lunch breaks...Lawton's?
Actually, that's "Lawton's By The Sea."  There's Mounir's & Therese 
Kitchen - Lebanese Cuisine - just over the bridge in South Lawrence.  
Kibbee, Shawarma, Kafta, Steak/Lamb Tips & Steak & Cheese Subs.  To keep 
this post in the realm of Airwaves north of Boston, they are Radio 
Engineering-friendly, open weekends (Fri & Sat) until 3 a.m.
There's also Jim's Subs and, of course, the venerable (read: been there 
for decades) Cedar Crest near the Lawrence-Methuen border.  Good, 
old-fashioned home cooking.

High Tech (and by extension or inclusion, Radio) occasionally hankers 
for Asian cuisine and the Yokohama (with Teppenyaki) fills the bill 
quite nicely - again, just over the river in South Lawrence.

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