Lobel , Kulhawik all done at Channel 4

SteveOrdinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Sat Apr 5 09:44:06 EDT 2008

  David Tomm wrote:

>WEEI makes way too much money for someone in the market not to make a
>serious challenge for the sports talk listener.  There are way too
>many rock, classic hits, AC and talk stations in the region. Rhythmic
>and urban stations skew too young and don't bill well.  There's not
>enough of a hispanic population here to make a spanish language
>format profitable.   If you were running a struggling FM signal in
>this market and looking for a format hole, what would you choose?
>While knocking off WEEI head to head would be a challenge, even
>grabbing a portion of their revenue share would far exceed what you
>could generate from putting on some trendy music format.

How many markets can you name with 2 successful sports-talk 
stations?  1510 sure is giving WEEI a run for the money, isn't it?  :-P

WEEI may be successful, but they were also there first, with their 
existing network they've got Mass. & R.I. pretty well covered 
signal-wise.  The Sox & Celtics are in the family.  Why would anyone 
want to waste a full-market FM on a bunch of boorish guys yelling and 
second-guessing every decision a coach made?  A station without full 
market coverage most likely wouldn't be able to compete, and 
certainly without PBP of any of the pro teams, you're destined to be 
an also-ran.   

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