Lobel , Kulhawik all done at Channel 4

Don A donald_astelle@yahoo.com
Sat Apr 5 01:37:26 EDT 2008

> Why else  would Entercom have had any interest in WCRB?  It's certainly 
> not  their billing.  The latest BIA revenue estimates for Boston state 
> that billings are way off since WCRB moved from 102.5 to 99.5...

Maybe thats why the deal started to fall apart.

> Entercom would  have had programming control over the station if the deal 
> had gone  through and there would have been a format flip.

You are just so darn sure of yourself, aren't you?

What makes you think Entercom would have had control to change the format? 
They weren't buying the station...they were simply 'partnering'.

> Considering the  company's eagerness to expand the WEEI brand throughout 
> New England,  putting WEEI on 99.5 would have been the logical move.

And listeners in Brockton, Plymouth, etc...(all in the Metro) would have had 
to get their sports station on one of 2 bad signals.

> WEEI makes way too much money for someone in the market not to make a 
> serious challenge for the sports talk listener.

So, why haven't they yet?

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