Radio tower question: WLLH?

Doug Drown
Fri Apr 4 21:45:40 EDT 2008

What was the big old vertical radiator that used to stand on a hill on the 
west side of 495 between Lawrence and Lowell?  It was at Exit 39, I think 
(Route 133).  It was replaced sometime back in the '90s, if memory serves, 
but was there for years and years before that.  It was a very sizeable 
tower. Was it associated with WLLH, WCCM or what?

Also: Assuming that WLLH stands for "Lowell, Lawrence, Haverhill" (?), did 
the station ever actually have a physical presence in Haverhill?


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> Located the major problem with the rooftop antenna,  the minor damage I 
> found is likely to have been caused by an HVAC service tech tripping over 
> the copper pipe transmission line. It runs behind one of the units 
> suspended on insulators.
> The line was shoted to aluminum flashing that seals a few no longer used
> access holes that penetrate the roof.
> I now can load enogh power to the antenna where the bridge is now usable.
> Look for WLLH Lawrence to reappear Sunday afternoon though possibly at a 
> reduced level of power.
> For the past 6 years  this rooftop system has suffered from a 9 ohm
> seasonal impedance shift that continues to defy any attempt to track it 
> down.
> It has been one of those things you learn to live with,  when it decides 
> to
> shift I just move a coil tap back and forth between 2 spots.
> The problem has come down to either the 1936 Linco pole has badly corroded 
> internally or a smiliar type of problem with the top loading hardware.
> Kurt Jackson has tried everything  possible includind physically smacking 
> every inch with a wooden baseball bat to replicate the shift with zero 
> results.
> ( the shift takes place on the antenna and is not the ATU)
> Thats all for now,
> Chris Hall 

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