Channel 4 Marathon coverage

Doug Drown
Fri Apr 4 09:20:28 EDT 2008

I don't know whether people who are Busters (and younger) can identify with 
personality-oriented radio much at all.  But we Boomers did, and it was a 
curious thing.  I passionately loved Top 40 rock, and loved the legendary 
DJs such as Bruce Bradley, Cousin Bruce Morrow, and all --- but I also liked 
guys such as Carl deSuze, Dave Maynard, Salty Brine and Herb Oscar Anderson 
(of WABC) who were older and didn't fit the usual Top 40 DJ mold.  That 
quieter morning-drive approach, with its banter and sometimes corny jokes, 
was somehow pleasant.  Morning radio was a unique phenomenon.  Still is, to 
some extent.

Bob Lobel doesn't fit the mold, either.   But neither did Howard Cosell.


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>> I've never understood how Bob Lobel lasted in Boston
>> to begin with.  What am
>> I missing?
> Ouch!
> Well, if I remember correctly, Bob Lobel could make
> sports interesting for the non-sports fan (women?) and
> yet still had the respect of the die-hards.  He had a
> good sense of humor and had such good chemistry with
> Liz Walker for all those years.  I think he had a
> lighthearted good natured way about him that endeared
> him to many.  Plus that "boy next door" looks.  That's
> my $.02
> I think that thought gets expressed whenever someone
> gets entrenched into a market for a long time like
> Lobel.  There are new people, new generation,
> etc...that don't feel the same connection with the
> legendary host.  I always felt this with Dave Maynard
> and Carl Desuze.  I never understood their appeal.
> I remember when I lived in Hartford, people told me
> Bob Steele on WTIC was the big morning show in
> Hartford.  I couldn't wait to listen....but my
> response was...."huh"?  Anyone else ever hear him?
> This is a guy who announced the antenna pattern
> change!  And got a 20 share!
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