Carl Moore WEEI

Russ Butler
Wed Apr 2 16:39:59 EDT 2008

He had his "Beantown Varieties" show on WEEI 590AM, a live one hour 
music show with vocalist Gloria Carroll and the orchestra (it may also 
have been Don Alessi's quintet as well as being on WHDH?  Sounds right 
to me in those days!). 

In the late-1940's, Carl had the morning show from 8 to 9 a.m. with Tom 
Russell doing news, etc. I sat in on a couple of broadcasts in the 
studio on Tremont Street in the E-E-I, Edison Electrical Illuminating 
building (now the WERS broadcast center, I think)  My Mom was a 
telephone-receptionist at WEEI then so I had studio access, and that was 
a big deal for a teenager to see a live radio show, just like when we 
went to NYC and visited NBC and others for live radio-tv broadcasts..

There's an LP of Carl's Irish and other little "ditties" he'd play on 
the piano and sing (? well he didn't have a great voice but put the song 
over) and some duet tracks with Gloria Carroll.  Tom Heathwood may know 
of that LP (Tom Heathwood may know where that 12" LP is).  Ah, the 
memories linger on!

=Russ Butler

PS// Does everyone know that Don Alessi has a talented son, Jack Alessi?

Originally from the *Boston* area, Jack began his musical career as a 
drummer in the early sixties working with his father, guitarist, *Don* 
*Alessi*. During the late sixties and early seventies Jack landed the 
coveted spot of M.C. at the Famous Monticello Night Club in Framingham, 
MA. Jack has performed with and opened for Tony Bennett, Vicki Carr, 
Jerry Lewis, Louis Armstrong, Jimmy Durante, The Mills Brothers and many 
others. He has been the featured vocalist and toured with such big bands 
as Tommy Dorsey, Glen Miller, and Stan Kenton. It was Jack Alessi's 
concept of the "3 Swinging Tenors" that brought this trio together.

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