Gene Jones

Doug Drown
Wed Apr 2 09:24:32 EDT 2008

I kind of assumed that Gene Jones had some kind of musical background, 
because he sang the theme song on the show.  I had never known of the WEEI 
connection, however; the name Carl Moore doesn't ring any bells with me at 
all.  Jon Provost does, though.  He must be in his early 50s by now.  Gad! 
(I even remember Tommy Rettig, the first boy who was on "Lassie."  I can't 
recall the name of the character he played, though.)


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In reply to Doug's question - I do recall that years before the WBZ 
Community Auditions, Gene Jones was heard on WEEI on the live morning show 
which I think at that time was hosted by Carl Moore.  Gene was part of a 
group  called "Gene Jones ands His Java Jivers" who were the vocal group
on the show every morning.   This is strictly from my aging memory.  Perhaps 
Donna and others remember in greater detail.  I found myself groping for 
facts when I interviewed Jon Provost on my show this week. He, you may 
recall, was "Timmy" on the LASSIE show for 7 years.
You can hear (streaming 24/7) at:<> 
now thru Saturday.   Tom Heathwood  4/2 

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