Kid's Show Hosts (was: WMUR)
Tue Apr 1 08:28:13 EDT 2008

Maureen said, over a week ago:

> Most of the TV kid's hosts
didn't set out to do that. It's what they had 
> to do to stay
employed. Some were clowns or children's entertainers but 
> many
were station announcers assigned to that particular show in the 
course of their duties. 

I know I'm rather late coming
into this discussion, but I can attest to one "Mister Mike,"
host of the Children's Music Hour on WOTW in the mid 80's being thrust
into that position. I had originally thought that it was simply another
taped program I had to rack up when I interviewed with Ernie Jenkins the
previous Friday.


But to this day, it ended up
being the most fun I've ever had in radio.

(though I still have
a lot of fun!)


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