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Laurence Glavin wrote:
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>> Subject: WNSH PSRA/PSSA
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>> The following has to provide an illustration of just how messed up the
>> FCC's Media Bureau engineering must be. 
>> Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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> Never underestimate the powers of the FCC;  they have rendered all calendars, including
> the Scott Fybush Tower Calendar for 2007, obsolete.  Tomorrow is October 32nd;
> Friday, October 33rd; and Saturday becomes October 34th...that's because many  AM
> stations are to operate until D.S.T. with October sign-ons and pattern switches, etc.
> Didn't they try to change the calendar during the Franch Revolution, and ended up 
> naming a manner of serving lobster?

Me thinks "Brumaire" (mist/fog) better describes the FCC.

The FCC came up with wildly wrong PSRA/PSSA times last fall(??), then 
relented and told stations to go back to their old power / schedule. 
Could the authorization that Dan found be left over from that debacle?

The FCC's technical competence has been spotty at best in the 50 years I 
have followed them.

bob carpenter

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