New WNSH reception report (was: WPEP-AM Defunct)

Laurence Glavin
Mon Oct 29 16:33:46 EDT 2007

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>From: "Eli Polonsky" 
>Subject: New WNSH reception report (was: WPEP-AM Defunct)
>Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 15:14:08 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

>WNSH is definitely now on the air with a daytime power
>increase over what it was before, though it doesn't yet
>sound like the proposed 30 kW.
>In my travels around greater Boston yesterday, it was
>loud and clear at Logan Airport, where their old signal
>used to come in, but very faintly.
>Leaving the airport (the free "back way" to avoid paying
>tunnel tolls), it was still generally listenable, though
>fadey/noisy in spots, through the south sides of Chelsea
>and Everett, then Charlestown, Somerville, Cambridge, and
>into Allston, all areas where it generally could not be
>heard before. It gets spotty in some areas of downtown
>Boston where the tall concrete/steel buildings seem to
>do a number on it, and it seems to degrade quickly away
>from the immediate coast.
It doesn't have a blockbuster signal in the Merrimack Valley eith, coming 
in a bit less prominently than North Shore-mate WESX-AM. 
One oddity:  as I drive down route 93 in Andover not far from the
WNNW-AM 800 tower, I get IBOC hash on WNSH, not from WNNW's own
frequency, but its first octave, 1600.  The hash from 1600 absolutely
obliterates WSMN-AM 1590, but does a number on WNSH too...WNTN-AM 1550 is ok 

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