It's Official: WPEP-AM Defunct

Sun Oct 28 02:47:10 EDT 2007

Nope; the towers are too tall--by a LOT: 292.74 degrees at 1510. When
all of the nonsense was going on regarding WKOX's move to Newton, I
kept thinking of Sewell St as the ideal location for WKOX, but there
is no PRACTICAL way to keep the towers tall at 890 and 1060 (which
BOTH need half-wave towers to minimize high-angle skywave--in 1060's
case to protect KYW; in 890's to protect WCBS), yet shorten them to
less than 225 degrees (ideally to about 200 degrees) at a higher
frequency. An example of an attempt to shorten a tall tower at a
higher frquency while keepimg it tall at a lower frequency was the
original design of the WFAN/WCBS tower in the Bronx. The original
design used the top part as a top load at 660 and attempted to
electrically remove that part at 880. Ultimately, the tower was
converted to a conventional series-fed radiator at both frequencies.
The tower is relatively short for a Class A on 660 but it meets the
Class A minimum-efficiency requirements thanks to the salt-water
ground. At 880, the tower is 207 degrres, which is a tad high for
optimim high-angle skywave but is nevertheless OK.

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> (Something just occurred to me....  It should be technically
> possible
> to triplex 1510 onto the 890/1060 site in Ashland, with a community
> change to, say, Needham.  Would that actually be an improvement over
> the current 1510 night signal?  They obviously couldn't open up the
> pattern much if any, but they could put more of the western suburbs
> on
> the front side rather than the back.  How much would they lose?
> [There is the problem that those towers are nearly 300 degrees at
> 1510.])
> -GAWollman

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