Carr's latest legal moves

Bill O'Neill
Wed Oct 24 14:14:49 EDT 2007

Chuck Igo wrote:
> so does this one fact eliminate me from expressing concern about my 
> own future?
> if so - then i'm screwed, i guess.   or, to use your words: i'm done.  
> since the bulk of the talk around here concerns Carr, i guess i'm no 
> longer allowed to post at all without being b*tch slapped by armchair 
> radio wannabees.
> take care

How odd is this? A respected man who has maintained a _lifelong_ 
commitment to the very trade that this list purports to admire is 
considered tainted by that commitment in some way. Ironically, industry 
gawkers (it's an ok word as I am currently one of them) purport to have 
pristine opinions and motives.  Go figure. 

Bill O'Neill

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