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Ric Werme
Wed Oct 24 08:14:12 EDT 2007

> Wasn't Channel 8 (WMTW-TV) on Mt Washington?

It still is, AFAIK.  As is WHOM (High On Mt washington) and various
other systems.

WMTW used to have a permanent manned (and catted) presense at
the transmitter, but I think it's now unmanned.  Weather reports
with Marty stopped well before that.

BTW, the State of NH is laying a power cable along the cog railway
tracks to bring power to top of the rock pile.  Progress has been
very good and they may complete it in time for winter.  A few
years ago a major winter fire in the power station forced evacuation
of the mountaintop, including the weather observatory.  People were
able to get temporary generators in place for the rest of the
winter and spring.  That provided the impetus for the power line.

       -Ric Werme

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