Carr's latest legal moves
Wed Oct 24 05:28:40 EDT 2007

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From: Dan Billings <>
Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 8:28 pm
Subject: Re: Carr's latest legal moves
> I did not intend to take Chuck to the woodshead.  I just think 
> people should 
> know he works for Carr's agent and weight that when reading 
> Chuck's opinion. 
> Most people who read this probably knew the connection, but some 
> might not. 
> If I did legal work for Entercom, and commented on the situation, 
> I think 
> people would want to know that connection.

and one more time, counselor - read what i wrote!

i wrote it from a broadcaster's perspective, not the employee 
of "carr's agent."

i'm not all that concerned about the outcome of Howie's thing.  i'm 
more concerned about how this will affect ME and other broadcasters 
who have seen this "right to match" clause creep into contracts - a 
clause that seemingly is quite effective in acting as a no-compete 
without really being one, provided the potential former employer has a 
deep enough wallet and the desire (or vengefulness) to keep someone 
around who really doesn't want to be there. 

thanks.  now help me get this splinter out of my backside, willya?

- -Chuck Igo

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