Carr's latest legal moves

Donald A.
Mon Oct 22 21:44:22 EDT 2007

--- Dan Billings <> wrote:

> The judge's language should have been a bit more
> "judicial" but it was 
> pretty hypocritical for Carr, who loves to talk
> about what people make in 
> his column or on the air, to ask for special
> treatment to keep his contract 
> from public view.  

1.) Is that considered 'special treatment'...or simply
a matter of privacy?  That everyone should be entitled
to.  If I took action against my employer...does that
mean all of my employment should become a matter of
public record?  (Is it anyone else's business?)

2.) Hypocritical?  There is a big difference between a
private citizen's compenssation from a private
business....than a civil servant being paid with
taxpayer finds.

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