Carr's latest legal moves

Dan Billings
Sun Oct 21 01:49:06 EDT 2007

Maybe your association with Cary has no impact on your opinion.  But it is 
worthy to include the connection in the discussion so people can judge for 

On a related note:  Am I the only person who finds it weird that Pahagian 
represents Carr while managing a station that carries his station?  The 
potential conflicts are many.

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> Dan B does care.  that's why he brought the whole "Cary thing" into this 
> thread.  at no point did i mention i work for Cary, nor does Cary's 
> involvement have any relevance to this discussion whatsoever.  matter of 
> fact, i've known and worked with/for Cary, man and boy, 26 years now. 
> Cary was my first PD in Portland, he was the VP/Programming for Sconnix 
> when i was very unceremoniously dismissed by WHDH, and he is the GM of the 
> group where i'm currently employed.  but at no point did i bring up Cary 
> nor have i attempted to curry any favor, especially by mentioning the 
> exact same right-to-match thing as being included in our company's 
> personal employment agreements.

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