Carr's latest legal moves

Chuck Igo
Sun Oct 21 01:22:40 EDT 2007

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From: "A. Joseph Ross" <>
[quoting Bob Nelson}
>> And the judge in the case is quoted as saying that Carr writes
>> "hypercritical screeds in the Boston Herald, attacking essentially any
>> public figure of his choice."
>> Sounds pretty impartial, eh? Boy, Judge van Gestel must be a big fan
>> of Howie, eh...

 to wit counselor Ross wrote:
> Sounds like a pretty accurate description of Carr's column to me.

and, fan or not, as is his first amendment right - no?  and in terming those 
free expressions as "attacks," does the truth hurt (in the judge's case)? 
just askin' as i'm not privvy to any animosity betwixt his honor and the 

- - Chuck Igo

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