Howie belongs to WRKO

Thu Oct 18 14:04:25 EDT 2007

I would most certainly support relaxing the ownership rules between
newspapers and radio and television stations. 
There could be very good synergy between daily newspapers and especially
news/talk stations. 
But, I would only support it if so long as the FCC tightened the rules on
ownership to pre-1996 Telecom Bill, where there was more competition between
media companies and more choices, too. 

Tony Schinella

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Relaxation of media cross-ownership is about to be discussed by the FCC.
Personally, I have no problem with the idea, except that I feel strongly
that a media company should be allowed to own a daily newspaper and only ONE
AM-FM or radio-TV combo in a given community.  We've got enough duopolies,
triopolies, quadropolies and otherwise multi-"opoly" ownerships already
without making the problem worse.


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