Howie belongs to WRKO

Bob Nelson
Thu Oct 18 11:32:29 EDT 2007

>>It may be flipping WBOS to sports and
shooting at WEEI as well. I really think that the Red
Sox would be willing to partner on the deal (which is
the only way this would work).

What if cross-ownership laws were to be relaxed
(read something online about it yesterday); imagine
a certain newspaper just down the street partnering
with Greater to create a sports talk or news/sports/talk
station. You know, the paper whose parent
company owns 17 per cent of the Sox?
(Not that daily newspaper/radio station combos
always work; see "Washington Post Radio")

>>The Sox may be able to use NESN and Globe people to
staff the station, and a year from now make a play for
Glenn Ordway.

A domain name or two --and even a preliminary logo--
for "the Ticket 92.9" --was found online recently.
GM may have been considering flipping WBOS to
sports and maybe getting Dennis and Callahan,
if available.

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