WTKK Can't Be Happy About Latest Rating

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue Oct 16 23:03:33 EDT 2007

AND, isn't this WTKK's's first book since Imus was exiled? From what
I've heard, the I-man's numbers on WFAN were not spectacular but the
revenue he brought in was. I don't know how important he was to WTKK,
either for numbers or revenue, but my guess is that he was nearly as
important in Boston on both counts as he was in New York. As Imus's
replacement, Carr would have been equally important to WTKK--and no
doubt he will be once the dust settles. However, by hiring Carr,
Greater Media got a twofer--the biggest draw of both audience and
revenues in Boston talk radio AND they were going to take those
numbers and that revenue out of competitor Entercom's hide. Brilliant!

For however long Entercom can keep Carr off WTKK, they prevent Greater
Media from winning at least half the battle. Entercom is therefore
almost certain to do whatever is in its power to delay Carr's
appearance on WTKK for as long as possible. If Entercomm can succeed
in delaying Carr's appearance for long enough, they must be hoping
that the audience's memories of Carr will fade at least a little bit
and that it will take some time for the AM drive audience to build up
at 96.9. If Citadel puts Imus into syndication, I suspect that
Entercom will make a play for him and, if successful, will move
Finneran into PM drive to make room for the I-man. Imus in AM drive on
WRKO would have a certain symmetry to Carr in AM drive on WTKK.

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>>  The only numbers
>> generally available of course are the
>> 12-and-overs, and to please the gatekeepers, I won't
>> specify them here...but 96.9 FM
>> tawk dropped slightly over one-half of a percentage
>> point...
> Lets keep this in perspective....
> It IS the Summer book, the least important book of the
> sales departments.
> It is a book that the least amount of marketing for a
> station is done.
> It is a book that is discounted by buyers because the
> audience it measures is in flux...vacationing
> traveling, etc.
> It is also the book where the majority of hosts take
> vacation time (and unlike music stations, having a
> host on the air is considered vital to a talk
> station.)
> Lastly, keep in mind that Howie aside, WTKK just
> unvelied some new marketing schemes, website, call
> letters are prodominantly used on the air now, new
> promo vices, weather reports, etc.
> That being said....WTKK is still NOT _my_ favorite
> station.
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