Howie belongs to WRKO

Tony Abruzzese
Tue Oct 16 15:38:06 EDT 2007

 From everything that I have read, the crux of the issue is that Howie 
and/or his agent (or at least appear to have) negotiated a contract with 
Greater Media while:

a. Still under contract to Entercom
b. Without first negotiating with Entercom
c. Not allowing Entercom to even counter-offer.

The big one however is the fact that he was still under contract to 
Entercom when an agreement with Greater Media was made.

If I remember the principles correctly from my Labor Relations classes 
many years ago, Howie and his agent were in breach of contract simply by 
entertaining an offer from Greater Media without informing Entercom, who 
had first right of refusal, while still under contract. They compounded 
the breach by refusing to "negotiate in good faith" with Entercom, who 
had the contractual right to negotiate for his services until mid 
September. As a result, Howie & Co. are being held to the letter of the 
contract, as interpreted by the court.

Tony Abruzzese
BUSM Dept of Biochemistry

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