Only Boston program I know of that was heard nationally

Tue Oct 16 10:22:34 EDT 2007

Cedric Foster News and Commentary originated at the studios of WNAC in
Boston and was fed to the Yankee Network in New England and Mutual
nationally during and probably immediately after World War II. It was
a 15-minute program that, IIRC, aired M-F at 1:00PM Eastern time. To
this day, it probably holds the honors as the dullest regularly
broadcast 15-minute program in the history of network radio. Foster
presumably was the scion of an old-line Yankee family and, as I
recall, his views were accordingly conservtive. He had a pretty awful
(rather high-pitched) speaking voice, spoke in a monotone, and always
sounded as if he had a mouth full of marbles (dentures maybe?).

Donna: If you have any biographical notes on Foster, they might be

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