ABC/Citadel halting nighttime IBOC for now

Bob Nelson
Tue Oct 2 13:56:16 EDT 2007

After complaints, ABC/Citadel has sent a memo to its stations asking them to stop broadcasting
I-Block, er, IBOC at night while the problems are being studied...interference issues are
the factor (example, between WABC and WJR...)

This is actually welcome news for many DX-ers including yours truly who depends on stations
like WEPN in NY to carry major league baseball playoffs (non-Red Sox). I listen at work at night
and it would be very tough if I-Block came into play (no word if WBZ plans to drop it,
or if they're even doing it at night? though I did manage to pick up the 1050...). Last night, for example, I just barely managed
to pick up Boston's ESPN stations (890/1400) for that wild card playoff game (other
outlets, like WEPN in NY, had other programming). But I usually can't pick them up
(at one point I was getting WLS on 890 instead) and have to try elsewhere.

Anyway, an interesting development...

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