Bonneville is already using "Nightside" name

Laurence Glavin
Tue Oct 2 13:48:46 EDT 2007

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>Well, Tom Ashbrook does exactly that on WBUR...and is considered by 
>many to be boring.
>People say they desire calm rational issue-oriented talk...but the 
>ratings don't show they really use/want it.

Boston doesn't have PPM ratings with the non-comms and commercial outlets
measured and published as one yet, but has been around for
a while and WBUR rates with the top-tier of stations in Boston.
Since they air Tom Ashbrook four hours a day, he must contribute to
their strong ratings.  
By the way, there's no better metric of a talk show host's caliber than
the extent that they kept me on when I called.  Some of my calls to
David were quite lengthy; he himself would ask follow-up questions or
engage me with the guest.  Now that's class!
Recently, Tom Ashcroft did the same thing when I called "On Point"
after Luciano Pavarotti's death.  He rightfully identified me as a 
member of the cognoscenti (how could he do otherwise?)
and then asked a question after my opening comment that related not 
to Pavarotti's voice, but to his acting prowess, which by the time I
saw him in live performance, was almost nil.  Tom is usually quick
on the button since he has only two 55-minute segments to cover a subject,
so not everyone gets to stay on the line!

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