NHPR to add three stations and boost three

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Wed Nov 28 14:56:15 EST 2007

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>NHPR runs "Wait,Wait,Don't Tell Me" an hour earlier than WBUR on
>Saturdays, and last weekendthey made a special announcement about a new
>translator on 105.9 in Colebrook, so it would seemthey're set there.
>(Strange thing though: it utilizes a directional antenna with only the
>1.000 radial getting the full signal. You'd think that up that far, they
>could find a frequency without restrictions;there's a CP for 105.9 in
>Hardwick, VT about 50 miles away.)

Ooops...let me rephrase that: the translator in question, W290BK ,
sends its full 220 mighty watts on the zero-degree radial right toward Colebrook
itself, with some attenuation toward Metropolitan Colebrook's suburbs,
such as Happy Corner! The NEW application is for 125 watts NDA on 90.3, from the same tower site. 

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