NHPR to add three stations and boost three

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>A brief AP story (11/27/07) says that New Hampshire Public Radio
>has requested FCC permission for changes at six of its transmitter
>sites: upgrades at Littleton, Colebrook, and Holderness/Plymouth,
>and new outlets at Claremont, Laconia, and Peterborough.
>Anyone know more about it?

>--RC NHPR runs "Wait,Wait,Don't Tell Me"  an hour earlier than WBUR on
Saturdays, and last weekendthey made a special announcement about a new
translator on 105.9 in Colebrook, so it would seemthey're set there. 
(Strange thing though: it utilizes a directional antenna with only the
1.000 radialgetting the full signal.  You'd think that up that far, they
could find a frequency without restrictions;there's a CP for 105.9 in
Hardwick, VT about 50 miles away.)

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