780AM DX?

Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Wed Nov 28 10:51:25 EST 2007

Scott can confirm this; I think 780 in Monticello IS on the air and
probably has been for about six months. I forget the calls, but, AFAIK
it is the former WREM, moved from 710 in order to get a low-power
night authorization, which was not possible on 710 because the
location is (or maybe was) within WOR's protected mighttime skywave
service area. I say, "maybe was" because when WOR was displaced from
its site in (IIRC) Lyndhurst NJ and moved to a new site less than two
miles north, the FCC required it to pull in its pattern to the north
(to protect a now-dark 710 in western ON). The new pattern might have
moved WREM out of the protected contour. Regardless of whether
Monticello is or isn't in WOR's protected contour, 780 is better for
the Mane station because more night power is possible on 780 than on
710 (WBBM's protected contour is farther from Monticello). If I'm not
mistaken the Monticello AM is owned by Alan Weiner, who once operated
an unlicensed radio station.

But anyhow, as others have pointed out, the country music heard on 780
in northern NH probably emanated from CFDR--if it's still on the air
on AM. BUT, didn't some AM in the 700s that broadcast country in the
Maritimes (I thought on 780 but maybe not) use the calls CKXX and the
positioner "Kixx Country?" I had thought that CKXX was the former
CFDR. Is that not so?

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> There's a CP for a station on 780 in Monticello, Maine, up in
> Aroostook
> County, but to my knowledge it's not on the air yet.  So I would
> agree --- 
> it's likely CFDR, which has a country format.
> -Doug
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>> Possibly CFDR from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
>> On Nov 28, 2007 1:51 AM, Don A <donald_astelle@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> > Crusing around Northern New England after sunset, I am picking up
> country
>> > music on 780AM, where I usually pick up WBBM.
>> >
>> > Anyone have any idea who this could be?
>> >
>> > d
>> >
>> >
>> >

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