"Community Auditions" is back

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Tue Nov 27 16:14:01 EST 2007

Maureen Carney wrote:

> Candelpins for Cash was on WB56 for about a year before Tribune sold WLVI 
> to Sunbeam.

   The correct title of the WB56 bowling show was "Candlepins for Dollars", 
not to be confused with "Candlepins for Cash". "Dollars" was the traditional 
2 bowlers competing in 3 strings of bowling format pioneered by Channel 5. 
However, memories of "Candlepins for Cash" live on every weekend on 
Comcast's CN8 channel, during their weekly "$30,000 Candlepin Challenge" 
show. They select one audience member to bowl for the jackpot. A strike wins 
the pot, otherwise they get I believe $50 for a spare, if no spare it's a 
buck a pin. All that's missing is Bob Gamere welcoming the contestant 
entering through Major Mudd's sliding rocket ship door.

Mark Watson

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