WGAW (no relation) (was: Re: Conelrad)

Garrett Wollman wollman@bimajority.org
Mon Nov 26 22:33:09 EST 2007

<<On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 22:12:36 -0500, SteveOrdinetz <hykker@wildblue.net> said:

> I recall driving past their (former) studio building in the late 
> 90s...was kind of sad to see it all overgrown & dilapidated.  It was 
> a simulcast of some other AM at the time.  Horrendous audio, sounded 
> like it was run thru processors at both ends.

I think at that time they would have been simulcasting with WEIM.

>> now if only they could get "Top 40
>> Satellite Survey with Dan Ingram" -- I always preferred Ingram to
>> Kasem in the years when both shows were on the air.)

> Don't think his show lasted more than a year or two max.  BTW, not 
> sure what part of it was "satellite".  The show was distributed on vinyl.

According to that always-accurate information source, Wikipedia, the
show ran from April '84 to December '86.  The station I listened to
then (WQCR) ran it on Sunday evenings, which was perfect for the
early-teen listener.  (I think WXXX had Kasem at this time.)  They
also ran a contest every Monday night: the Nth caller who could name
all ten of the top ten songs would get "a copy of every song on the
countdown".  Of course, the actual prize was the four vinyl discs that
the show was distributed on (a violation of the station's license
agreement, as the discs were supposed to be destroyed after the last
air date).  I wish I still had mine.


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