Mon Nov 26 22:12:36 EST 2007

  Garrett Wollman wrote:
><<On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 11:10:48 -0500, "Doug Drown" 
><> said:
> > Some of my fondest listening memories are of little 1,000-watt WGAW in
> > Gardner (250 watts at night).  Real home town radio.
>Which I recently found out was calling itself "13G" during the 1980s.

I think they hung on as an AC into the early 90s.

I recall driving past their (former) studio building in the late 
90s...was kind of sad to see it all overgrown & dilapidated.  It was 
a simulcast of some other AM at the time.  Horrendous audio, sounded 
like it was run thru processors at both ends.

>now if only they could get "Top 40
>Satellite Survey with Dan Ingram" -- I always preferred Ingram to
>Kasem in the years when both shows were on the air.)

Don't think his show lasted more than a year or two max.  BTW, not 
sure what part of it was "satellite".  The show was distributed on vinyl.

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