Fri Nov 23 21:05:27 EST 2007

While working in Florida around 1970 I did work for a station on 600 khz
that was a Conelrad participant .  Gates made a special Conelrad version of
what I seem to remember was a BC5P with a fourth matching cabinet.
On the front of the additional cabinet were a set of logic pushbuttons that 
energized a series of contactors which replaced the 600 KHZ oscillator and 
RF driver cabinet with the Conelrad 640 KHZ  oscillator and RF driver.

This station was 5 KW  DA-N using  5 inline towers. In addition this logic
had contactors that switched out the 600 KHX ATU and put the 640 KHZ
ATU into the non directional tower used for daytime operation.

I also remember well the Ball Conelrad receivers of this area

Chris Hall 

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