Conelrad in Boston area

Fri Nov 23 18:51:55 EST 2007

  Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>The whole idea was that you could not do direction finding and
>especially that enemy aircraft cound not do direction finding! There
>was not _A_ 640 transmitter or _A_ 1240 transmitter. The various
>participating AM stations in a region (such as greater Boston) were
>divided into two groups--a 640 group and a 1240 group. The program
>material was fed to all participating stations (I think via a land
>line). The several stations in a group would go on the air for a few
>seconds apiece in a round-robin sequence.

How would this have worked in markets outside the top 50 or 
so?  There just weren't all that many stations around in the 
50s/early 60s...even some pretty good sized cities only had 2 or 3 AM 
stations that could remotely be called local, rural areas were lucky 
to have one or two.

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