Conelrad in Boston area 

Ric Werme
Fri Nov 23 13:08:26 EST 2007

Dan Strassberg noted:
> Back in the 50's and early 60's national alerts were to be
> transmitted by Conelrad at 640 and 1240 on the dial.

It just occurred to me that someone should have pointed out
by now that we are discussing 640 Kc and 1240 Kc since
Conelrad was history before Dr. Hertz became a household

Sorry, I'll go back to the Thanksgiving leftovers now.

Umm, was it Kc, kc, Kcps?

And I think the only radio we had with the Conelrad logos had a linear
scale.  Of course, it was called a dial.  Just like a telephone dial.
Yeah, yeah, I said I'd go....

   -Ric Werme

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