could not get WBZ in Hartford last night

Mark Casey
Wed Nov 21 20:15:48 EST 2007

KDKA is fairly strong here, near Springfield, but hasn't wiped out WBZ at 
night-yet. But, WBZ's night signal is much better 200-600 miles out from 
Hull than it is in Western Mass & CT.

If WBZ's HD signal is good enough for a reciever to capture, consistently, 
here in Western Mass, I'll consider buying a HD table or portable model. The 
analog signal has always been, and still is rough to listen to out here. 
And, Dan Rea does a good show that I enjoy listening to, even through the 
noise and fading.. Has anyone else had any experiences with BZ's HD 
reliability in Western Mass?

Last night I listened for AM HD signals for a while. I noticed that with the 
typical skywave fading and cancelling, that, on some stations using HD at 
night, when the signal went down in strength, the HD would completely 
dissapear while the analog would still be weak, but listenable.

And, listening to 650/660, WSM would rise out of WFAN's digital hash clear 
as a bell, then drop into the noise so completly that you would not know 
there was a station there.

The opposite is true with the WTIC/WBAL combination when you are 15-30 miles 
from Hartford. WBAL puts in such a strong signal that you have to tune to 
1070 in order to see if TIC has HD turned on.

Mark Casey K1MAP

At 10:10 AM -0500 11/21/07, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>I was trying to listen to the Bruins game on BZ last night and around
>Hartford I lost the signal completly to HASH from KDKA-HD

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